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Why Debt Arbitration may work for you.

Canada Credit Fix Inc. is a leader in the debt negotiation industry providing innovative, progressive debt elimination solutions for Canadians coast to coast.
If you are struggling with financial hardship cause by large un-paid debts, our unique private debt settlement agency solely represents your interests, and encourages education and fiscal responsibility which allows you to make informed, timely, logical decisions in retiring and negotiating your balances.  Avoid bankruptcy and learn about our debt settlement program now!

Have our debt settlement experts help get your bad debts chopped down to manageable, payable and affordable amounts! We will contact your collectors, creditors and debtors and negotiate a debt settlement for you. Some collection agencies will accept as low as 20% of the original debt amount. Stop the phone calls and harassment NOW!!
Is your bad credit catching up to you? Are you sick of the collectors calling, and harassing you and your family? We can help you make it stop NOW!  We will contact your creditors and demand they Cease and Desist the harassment while we negotiate the terms of a friendly bite sized debt settlement.


Don't file bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and consumer proposals may leave irreversible scars and damage to your credit report. These blemishes may continue to report for 6 to 7 years and sometimes even longer in some cases. Bankruptcy Trustee's commonly DO NOT work for you.  Beware of some Not For Profit agencies!  Please note that often these credit counsellors are being paid by your creditors!  Not for profit does NOT necessarily mean volunteer, charity or government agency.  And Not for profit does not mean that you are not responsible for fees and costs!

Unlike bankruptcy

Because we are both a debt settlement and credit repair agency.  We may also be able to negotiate revisions and restoration of your credit report. All those credit errors preventing you from getting new credit or that consolidation loan could simply vanish!  Check out our debt relief program and let us negotiate your debts into easy to manage, bite sized pieces.  No debt consolidations, just easy to manage debt settlements.

equifax credit report

Erase Debt

  • You could save thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.
  • You could reduce your monthly payment in half.
  • You could cut your Debt by 70 to 50% or more.
  • You could save your credit with our credit repair program
  • You could save your sanity.
equifax credit report

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Part of our service is to deal with your debt collectors for you. We will immediately serve the collectors and creditors a "Cease and Desist" document restricting them from contacting you directly We can help you repair your bad credit and settle your bad debts FAST!
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Debt Relief Options

equifax credit report There are several debt relief options available to consumers struggling with a financial hardship. The following list provides a brief description of each option in no particular order. We recommend that consumers conduct their own due diligence when exploring debt relief, debt settlement, consumer proposals or bankruptcy options.

Payment in Full

Most consumers assume that the only way to resolve their outstanding debts is to pay the accounts off in full. Paying off the balance in full may be limited to the minimum payment amount or include additional funds towards the total balance due. Consumers who can only afford to make their minimum payment amount will take significantly longer to resolve their debts as a large portion of their payment is attributed to the interest and fees determined by the creditor. Consumers who cannot afford to make their monthly payments to their creditor should review the remaining debt alternatives.

Debt Consolidation

Consumers who are looking to make one monthly payment towards their debt often turn to debt consolidation. Debt consolidation requires obtaining additional credit and using that credit to payoff multiple creditors. This can be done as a loan, line of credit or credit card balance transfer. Consumers who have assets often turn their unsecured debt into secured debt by obtaining an Equity Loan, Line of Credit or Mortgage Refinance. Debt consolidation does not reduce the amount of debt owed, but may decrease the amount of payments by reducing the interest rate and fees. If your credit is already damaged you may find that most lenders if they are going to approve you will want high interest rates. DO NOT pay upfront fees and beware of companies making promises that sound too good to be true. If you are planning on moving forward with a consolidation have one of our consumer protection specialists insure that you are dealing with a reputable and regulated company. There are lots of debt consolidation scams out there and they are typically looking for people in vulnerable positions such as over leveraged debts or derogative credit.

Debt Management

Debt management is another debt relief option that requires one monthly payment. Debt management allows consumers to receive assistance in paying off their debts by determining alternate payment arrangements. By establishing relationships with creditors, a debt management company works within the creditors' repayment guidelines and makes re-payment adjustments for consumers. These guidelines may include an interest, penalty or fee reduction to allow for decreased monthly installments. A debt management company can be a for-profit or non-profit company, but both receive incentives from creditors for submitting payments on behalf of consumers. Debt management does not reduce the amount of debt owed, but may decrease the payments by reducing the interest rate and fees. These programs work best with credit repair specialists that can work with your credit report to insure that the positive progression of your debt settlement is reflecting properly on your credit report. Debt Settlement Debt settlement can often get you the debt relief that you are looking for. Many times debts can be settled for 50 to 70 percent of the debt owing. Many thousands of dollars are often saved by the consumer and credit can often be restored and improved reasonably quick. Debt settlement requires one monthly or lump sum payment from the consumer. In some cases we can arrange a combination of a lump sum and monthly agreements. These payment are not made to directly to the creditors, but instead are set aside in a dedicated settlement account. These funds are then to be used to negotiate settlements with their creditors. Only once a settlement or agreement with the creditor or collector is reached in writing and releases are in place the creditor can then have the agreed lump sum or monthly payment plan. The debt settlement process may require that a consumer allow their accounts to progress through the collections process and once sufficient savings have been made, a negotiator contact their creditors to facilitate settlement for less than the balance owed. Usually, when a consumer enters a program such as debt settlement their credit is often already tarnished or will be shortly as a result of over leveraged debt. Often credit repair can be done at the same time as the debt settlement essentially leaving your credit in an improved status. Unlike the bankruptcy or the consumer proposal we do not register the negative mark on your credit so no one will know that you are in a debt settlement program. Your debt settlement program is negotiated by a highly experienced and licensed debt arbitrator. Your debt arbitrator works directly and exclusively for you and with you and will be able to allow you to develop a strategy to keep credit that is in good standing and manageable out of the settlement. A skilled debt arbitrator can often negotiate and mend current relationships with lenders and banks. These are the types of strategies that will help you rebuild your credit fast and get new responsible credit. We are both a bonded and licensed debt settlement agency and a credit repair specialist so in most cases you can look forward to manageable debts as well as better credit. Beware of Debt Settlement scams. There are countless companies that are not licensed or registered to do settlement of debts in Canada. Often you may end up simply wasting time and your money.

Consumer Proposal

A Consumer Proposal is a legally binding agreement between a consumer and their creditors facilitated by a trustee that re-negotiates the repayment terms on unsecured credit accounts. A trustee creates a proposal on the consumer's behalf and presents it to the creditors. The creditors may then approve or counter offer. The consumer must adhere to the counter proposal or file bankruptcy. Once you file your proposal your credit will reflect the agreement and be viewed by most lenders and financial institutions much the same as a bankruptcy. This will remain on your credit for 3 years from the date you make the last payment. Essentially, if a consumer proposal is going to last 4 years and then the bad credit mark on your credit report will remain on your for 8 years or even more. Most lenders and financial institutions consider a bankruptcy and a consumer proposal as much the same. Banks and credit companies view bad credit and low credit scores the same way. You are either a file that will be approved or declined. Don't be fooled into thinking that "Not for Profit" means you are dealing with volunteers, a charity or a government agency. In fact it is often quite the opposite! Credit counselling services do make money and usually plenty of it. Often these agencies get paid by your creditors to collect money from you. Typically the more money they convince you to pay back will equal a larger paycheque. They are often called "Credit Counsellors" but you must know that typically they DO NOT represent you as they will often be getting paid by your creditors and they do not do credit repair on your behalf.


Bankruptcy is a last resort for consumers who cannot afford to make payments to their creditors. It requires that the consumer legally surrender their assets in exchange for the release of their unsecured debts. In addition, the consumer must surrender any surplus income throughout the period of bankruptcy to their trustee. You may walk away without paying some or all of your debts however the bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 6 to7 years after the discharge. This means if it takes you 3 years to obtain your discharge, your credit may remain tarnished for 10 years in some cases. In cases where you have previously filed bankruptcy, it is very important that you avoid filing a second bankruptcy as in most cases your credit will be affected twice as long. A double bankruptcy is pretty much one of the worst items you would want to see on a credit report. It pretty much sends a financial institution a clear message to avoid doing business with you. You will find that there are employers that may not hire you due to bankruptcy, when and if you are eventually able to get new credit it will often be at very high interest rates. Our policy is to always help you avoid bankruptcy. You need to know that a trustee DOES NOT work for you and cannot represent you or assist you with your credit. Whatever credit messes end up on your credit report, it is your responsibility to clean and repair.

What is a Debt Settlement?

There are times when your financial circumstances may prevent you from repaying your debts in full. In such circumstances your creditors may be open to negotiate with you or a third party a repayment amount that is less than the full value of the debt that you currently owe. In some cases the final settlement amount negotiated can be substantially less than you owe. Settlements usually range between 80% to 20% of the debt owed, but each settlement is entirely dependent on an individual's financial situation.

Because a debt settlement requires a lump sum of money to offer to a creditor, it isn't a viable option for most people who are experiencing financial hardship. However, there are other debt relief options that offer substantial help including a Debt Management Program or a Consumer Proposals. If you are struggling with your debts, feel free to contact one of our Debt Settlement Experts to review your financial situation and see what options are available to you. All of our appointments are free, non-judgmental and confidential.

How Our Debt Settlement Program Works

Through our debt settlement program, one of our Debt Settlement Experts will negotiate with your creditors to offer a one-time lump sum payment to settle your debts. The settlement offer will depend on your financial situation.

No one can guarantee specific results with a debt settlement, but our success rate is extremely high because we will not begin to negotiate with your creditors unless the reasons for proceeding with a settlement make sense. Based on our many years of experience in the credit industry, we know what type of situations make sense and what type of a settlement offer creditors would be willing to consider based on a particular set of circumstances. It's not magic, it's just a lot of experience and hard work that our clients benefit from.

All of our Debt Settlement Specialists are licensed and have many years of experience in the financial, credit and debt industry. They know what creditors are likely to accept, and they have years of experience helping people find alternative ways of dealing with their debts when a settlement isn't a realistic option.

Debt Settlement Company TV Ads, Radio Ads, & Telemarketers

Canada has recently been flooded with American debt settlement companies looking to make money off of Canadians who are struggling with their debts and credit problems. These companies include Clear Blue Debt Solutions, Vortex Debt Solutions, Synergy Debt Group, Cambridge Life Solutions and many others. The advertising and often the commission based salespeople of many of these companies can be very misleading. Our organization, along with the Better Business Bureau, continues to receive numerous calls from people inquiring about these companies. Fortunately many people are wary of companies whose claims seem too good to be true. In response to all of these inquiries and our grave concerns about what is happening in the debt settlement industry. Insist on dealing with a truly Canadian Debt Settlement Agency! DO NOT be fooled by phoney Canadian addresses that belong to UPS stores or rerouted Internet phone systems with Canadian area codes. A license Canadian Debt repayment agency should be able to provide written confirmation of their licensing.


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Debt Settlement Stop the phone calls and harassment NOW!! Is your bad credit catching up to you? Are you sick of the collectors calling, and harassing you and your family? We can help you make it stop NOW!

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